EasyMax T1

Sidekick T1

  • No coding system
  • Read-only meter
  • Simple, just insert and get results

EasyMax Sidekick T1

Blood Glucose Meter

Meter Specifications
Memory capacity N/A
Test specimen Capillary whole blood
Sample volume 0.6 ul
Test time 5 seconds
AST Palm and Forearm
HCT range 30~55%
Measuring range 20~600 mg/dL
Operating ranges 10°C~40°C, R.H.≦90%
How calibrated No code
Auto-shut off 2 minutes
LCD size 28 x 28 mm
Meter dimension 80 x 50 x 5 mm
Weight 30g
Battery life Over 3000 times
Power supply 3V Lithium Batteries x2
Assay method GOD
Data port N/A
Data management N/A